ADO WriteText Method

ADO WriteText Method

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The WriteText method is used to write a text to a text Stream object.

If there is data in the Stream object and the current position is EOS, the new data will be appended beyond the existing data. If the current position is not EOS, the existing data will be overwritten.

If you write past EOS, the size of the Stream will increase. EOS will be set to the last character in the Stream. If you don't write past EOS, the current position will be set to the next character after the newly added data. Previously existing data will not be truncated. Call the SetEOS method to truncate. 

Note: This method is used only with text Stream objects, for binary Stream objects, use the Write method.


objStream.WriteText data,opt

Parameter Description
data Required. The text to be written to a text Stream object
opt Optional. A StreamWriteEnum value that specifies whether a line separator must be added to the text

StreamWriteEnum Value

Constant Value Description
adWriteChar 0 Default. Writes the specified text to a Stream object
adWriteLine 1 Writes the specified text and a line separator to a Stream object. If the LineSeparator property is not defined, a run-time error will occur

❮ Complete Stream Object Reference