ADO Parameter Object

ADO Parameter Object

Parameter Object

The ADO Parameter object provides information about a single parameter used in a stored procedure or query.  

A Parameter object is added to the Parameters Collection when it is created. The Parameters Collection is associated with a specific Command object, which uses the Collection to pass parameters in and out of stored procedures and queries.

Parameters can be used to create Parameterized Commands. These commands are (after they have been defined and stored) using parameters to alter some details of the command before it is executed. For example, an SQL SELECT statement could use a parameter to define the criteria of a WHERE clause.

There are four types of parameters: input parameters, output parameters, input/output parameters and return parameters.



Property Description
Attributes Sets or returns the attributes of a Parameter object
Direction Sets or returns how a parameter is passed to or from a procedure
Name Sets or returns the name of a Parameter object
NumericScale Sets or returns the number of digits stored to the right side of the decimal point for a numeric value of a Parameter object
Precision Sets or returns the maximum number of digits allowed when representing numeric values in a Parameter
Size Sets or returns the maximum size in bytes or characters of a value in a Parameter object
Type Sets or returns the type of a Parameter object
Value Sets or returns the value of a Parameter object


Method Description
AppendChunk Appends long binary or character data to a Parameter object
Delete Deletes an object from the Parameters Collection