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AngularJS Example

<div ng-app="">

<p>Name: <input type="text" ng-model="name"></p>
<p>You wrote: {{ name }}</p>

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AngularJS Basics

My first AngularJS Directives
My first AngularJS Directives (with valid HTML5)
My first AngularJS Expression
A simple AngularJS Expression, using a variable
My first AngularJS Controller

Basic AngularJS Explained

AngularJS Expressions

A simple Expression
Expression without ng-app
Expression with Numbers
Using ng-bind with Numbers
Expression with Strings
Using ng-bind with Strings
Expression with Objects
Using ng-bind with Objects
Expression with Arrays
Using ng-bind with Arrays

Expressions Explained

AngularJS Modules

AngularJS Controller
Modules and controllers in files
When to load AngularJS

Modules Explained

AngularJS Directives

AngularJS Directives
The ng-model Directive
The ng-repeat Directive (with Arrays)
The ng-repeat Directive (with Objects)
Make a new Directive
Using the new directive as element
Using the new directive as attribute
Using the new directive as a class
Using the new directive as a comment
A Directive with restrictions

Directives Explained

AngularJS Models

AngularJS Model
A Model with two-way binding
A Model with validation
A form and its current validation status
Set a CSS class when a field is invalid

Models Explained

AngularJS Controllers

AngularJS Controller
Controller Properties
Controller Functions
Controller in JavaScript File I
Controller in JavaScript File II

Controllers Explained

AngularJS Scopes

AngularJS Scope
The scope is in sync
Different Scopes
The RootScope

Scopes Explained

AngularJS Filters

Expression Filter uppercase
Expression Filter lowercase
Expression Filter currency
Directive Filter orderBy
Input Filters

Filters Explained

AngularJS XMLHttpRequest

Reading a static JSON file

XMLHttpRequest Explained

AngularJS Tables

Displaying a table (simple)
Displaying a table with CSS
Displaying a table with an orderBy filter
Displaying a table with an uppercase filter
Displaying a table with an index
Displaying a table with even and odd

Tables Explained

AngularJS - Reading from SQL Resources

Reading from a MySQL database
Reading from a SQL Server database

Angular SQL Explained


The ng-disabled Directive
The ng-show Directive
The ng-show, based on a condition
The ng-hide Directive

HTML DOM Explained

AngularJS Events

The ng-click Directive
The ng-hide Directive
The ng-show Directive

HTML Events Explained

AngularJS Forms

AngularJS Forms
AngularJS Validation

Angular Forms Explained

AngularJS API

AngularJS angular.lowercase()
AngularJS angular.uppercase()
AngularJS angular.isString()
AngularJS angular.isNumber()

API Explained

AngularJS W3.CSS

AngularJS With W3.CSS

W3.CSS Explained

AngularJS Includes

AngularJS Include HTML
Include a table containing AngularJS code
Include a file from a different domain

AngularJS Includes

AngularJS Animations

AngularJS Animation
Including the animation library as a dependency
Animation using CSS3 Transitions
Animation using CSS3 Animations

AngularJS Animations

AngularJS Applications

AngularJS Note Application
AngularJS ToDo Application

AngularJS Applications