ADO Command Object

ADO Command Object

Command Object

The ADO Command object is used to execute a single query against a database. The query can perform actions like creating, adding, retrieving, deleting or updating records.

If the query is used to retrieve data, the data will be returned as a RecordSet object. This means that the retrieved data can be manipulated by properties, collections, methods, and events of the Recordset object.

The major feature of the Command object is the ability to use stored queries and procedures with parameters.


set objCommand=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.command")


Property Description
ActiveConnection Sets or returns a definition for a connection if the connection is closed, or the current Connection object if the connection is open
CommandText Sets or returns a provider command
CommandTimeout Sets or returns the number of seconds to wait while attempting to execute a command
CommandType Sets or returns the type of a Command object
Name Sets or returns the name of a Command object
Prepared Sets or returns a Boolean value that, if set to True, indicates that the command should save a prepared version of the query before the first execution
State Returns a value that describes if the Command object is open, closed, connecting, executing or retrieving data


Method Description
Cancel Cancels an execution of a method
CreateParameter Creates a new Parameter object
Execute Executes the query, SQL statement or procedure in the CommandText property


Collection Description
Parameters Contains all the Parameter objects of a Command Object
Properties Contains all the Property objects of a Command Object