ADO Open Method

ADO Open Method

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The Open method is used to open a Stream object.


objStream.Open source,mode,opt,username,psword

Parameter Description
source Optional. The data source for the Stream object (a URL that points to an existing node in a tree structure, like an e-mail or file system or a reference to an already opened Record object). If source is not specified, a new Stream object, with a size of zero, will be created and opened
mode Optional. A ConnectModeEnum value that specifies the access mode for a Stream object. Default is adModeUnknown
opt Optional. A StreamOpenOptionsEnum value that specifies options for opening a Stream object. Default is adOpenStreamUnspecified
username Optional. A name of a user who can access the Stream object. If Source is an already opened Record, this parameter is not specified
psword Optional. A password that validates the username. If Source is an already opened Record, this parameter is not specified

ConnectModeEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adModeUnknown 0 Default. Permissions have not been set or cannot be determined
adModeRead 1 Read-only
adModeWrite 2 Write-only
adModeReadWrite 3 Read/write
adModeShareDenyRead 4 Prevents others from opening a connection with read permissions
adModeShareDenyWrite 8 Prevents others from opening a connection with write permissions
adModeShareExclusive 12 Prevents others from opening a connection
adModeShareDenyNone 16 Allows others to open a connection with any permissions
adModeRecursive 0x400000 Used with adModeShareDenyNone, adModeShareDenyWrite, or adModeShareDenyRead to set permissions on all sub-records of the current Record

StreamOpenOptionsEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adOpenStreamUnspecified -1 Default. Opens the Stream object with default options
adOpenStreamAsync 1 Opens the Stream object in asynchronous mode
adOpenStreamFromRecord 4 Identifies the contents of the Source parameter to be an already open Record object. The default behavior is to treat Source as a URL that points directly to a node in a tree structure. The default stream associated with that node is opened.

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