Google Social Icons

Google Social Icons

Social Icons

The table below shows all Google Social icons:

Icon Description Example
cake cake Try it
domain domain Try it
group group Try it
group_add group_add Try it
location_city location_city Try it
mood mood Try it
mood_bad mood_bad Try it
notifications notifications Try it
notifications_none notifications_none Try it
notifications_off notifications_off Try it
notifications_active notifications_active Try it
notifications_paused notifications_paused Try it
pages pages Try it
party_mode party_mode Try it
people people Try it
people_outline people_outline Try it
person person Try it
person_add person_add Try it
person_outline person_outline Try it
plus_one plus_one Try it
poll poll Try it
public public Try it
school school Try it
sentiment_dissatisfied sentiment_dissatisfied Try it
sentiment_neutral sentiment_neutral Try it
sentiment_satisfied sentiment_satisfied Try it
sentiment_very_dissatisfied sentiment_very_dissatisfied Try it
sentiment_very_satisfied sentiment_very_satisfied Try it
share share Try it
whatshot whatshot Try it