Google Device Icons

Google Device Icons

Device Icons

The table below shows all Google Device icons:

Icon Description Example
access_alarm access_alarm Try it
access_alarms access_alarms Try it
access_time access_time Try it
add_alarm add_alarm Try it
airplanemode_active airplanemode_active Try it
airplanemode_inactive airplanemode_inactive Try it
battery_alert battery_alert Try it
battery_charging_full battery_charging_full Try it
battery_full battery_full Try it
battery_std battery_std Try it
battery_unknown battery_unknown Try it
bluetooth bluetooth Try it
bluetooth_connected bluetooth_connected Try it
bluetooth_disabled bluetooth_disabled Try it
bluetooth_searching bluetooth_searching Try it
brightness_auto brightness_auto Try it
brightness_high brightness_high Try it
brightness_low brightness_low Try it
brightness_medium brightness_medium Try it
data_usage data_usage Try it
developer_mode developer_mode Try it
devices devices Try it
dvr dvr Try it
gps_fixed gps_fixed Try it
gps_not_fixed gps_not_fixed Try it
gps_off gps_off Try it
graphic_eq graphic_eq Try it
location_disabled location_disabled Try it
location_searching location_searching Try it
network_cell network_cell Try it
network_wifi network_wifi Try it
nfc nfc Try it
screen_lock_landscape screen_lock_landscape Try it
screen_lock_portrait screen_lock_portrait Try it
screen_lock_rotation screen_lock_rotation Try it
screen_rotation screen_rotation Try it
sd_storage sd_storage Try it
settings_system_daydream settings_system_daydream Try it
signal_cellular_4_bar signal_cellular_4_bar Try it
signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_4_bar signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_4_bar Try it
signal_cellular_no_sim signal_cellular_no_sim Try it
signal_cellular_null signal_cellular_null Try it
signal_cellular_off signal_cellular_off Try it
signal_wifi_4_bar signal_wifi_4_bar Try it
signal_wifi_4_bar_lock signal_wifi_4_bar_lock Try it
signal_wifi_off signal_wifi_off Try it
storage storage Try it
usb usb Try it
wallpaper wallpaper Try it
widgets widgets Try it
wifi_lock wifi_lock Try it
wifi_tethering wifi_tethering Try it