HTML noframes tag

HTML <noframes> Tag. Not Supported in HTML5.


A three-framed page, with a <noframes> tag:


<frameset cols="25%,50%,25%">
  <frame src="frame_a.htm">
  <frame src="frame_b.htm">
  <frame src="frame_c.htm">
  <noframes>Sorry, your browser does not handle frames!</noframes>

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Definition and Usage

The <noframes> tag is not supported in HTML5.

The <noframes> tag is a fallback tag for browsers that do not support frames. It can contain all the HTML elements that you can find inside the <body> element of a normal HTML page.

The <noframes> element can be used to link to a non-frameset version of the web site or to display a message to users that frames are required.

The <noframes> element goes inside the <frameset> element.

Note: If you want to validate a page containing frames, be sure the <!DOCTYPE> is set to either "HTML Frameset DTD" or "XHTML Frameset DTD".

Browser Support

<noframes> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5

The <noframes> tag is not supported in HTML5.

Differences Between HTML and XHTML

Important: In XHTML Frameset DTD, the text in the <noframes> element must be enclosed in a <body> element.