Event Objects

Event Objects

Event Objects

When an event occur in HTML, the event belongs to a certain event object, like a mouse click event belongs to the MouseEvent object.

The Event Object

All event objects are based on the Event Object, and inherits all of it's properties and methods

Event Object Description
Event The parent of all event objects

Other Event Objects

These are the most common event objects:

Event Object Description
AnimationEvent For CSS animations
ClipboardEvent For modification of the clipboard
DragEvent For drag and drop interaction
FocusEvent For focus-related events
HashChangeEvent For changes in the anchor part of the URL
InputEvent For user input
KeyboardEvent For keyboard interaction
MouseEvent For mouse interaction
PageTransitionEvent For navigating to, and away from, web pages
PopStateEvent For changes in the history entry
ProgressEvent For the progress of loading external resources
StorageEvent For changes in the window's storage area.
TouchEvent For touch interaction
TransitionEvent For CSS transitions
UiEvent For user interface interaction
WheelEvent For mousewheel interaction