HTML img align Attribute

HTML <img> align Attribute

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Align an image in the middle of a text:

<p>This is some text. <img src="smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face" align="middle"> This is some text.</p>
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Definition and Usage

The align attribute specifies the alignment of an image according to the surrounding element.

The <img> element is an inline element (it does not insert a new line on a page), meaning that text and other elements can wrap around it. Therefore, it can be useful to specify the alignment of the image according to surrounding elements.

Browser Support

align Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The align attribute is deprecated, but still supported in all major browsers.

Compatibility Notes

The align attribute of <img> is not supported in HTML5. Use CSS instead.

For the image to align middle, top, or bottom use the CSS property vertical-align.

For the image to align left or right use the CSS property float.

CSS Example: Align image


<img align="left|right|middle|top|bottom">

Attribute Values

Value Description
left Align the image to the left
right Align the image to the right
middle Align the image in the middle
top Align the image at the top
bottom Align the image at the bottom

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