HTML datetime Attribute

HTML datetime Attribute

Definition and Usage

The datetime attribute specifies the date and time when the text was deleted/inserted.

When used together with the <time> element, it represents a date and/or time of the <time> element.

Applies to

The controls attribute can be used on the following elements:

Elements Attribute
<del> datetime
<ins> datetime
<time> datetime


Del Example

A deleted text, with a date and time of when the text was deleted:

<del datetime="2015-11-15T22:55:03Z">This text has been deleted</del>
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Ins Example

An inserted text, with a date and time of when the text was inserted:

<p>This is a text.
<ins datetime="2015-09-15T22:55:03Z">This is an inserted text.</ins></p>
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Time Example

A time element with a machine-readable datetime attribute:

<p>I have a date on <time datetime="2017-02-14">Valentines day</time>.</p>
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Browser Support

The datetime attribute has the following browser support for each element:

del Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ins Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
time Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes